Our connections to food are multifarious and complex,
with many of our ideas about food taken for granted.
Why for instance are we happy to drink the milk of a cow,
but shy away at the thought of nibbling on human
cheese? What compels us to eat potato chips instead of
nutritionally superior deep fried cockroaches?
And why do some people prefer mouthfuls of wet clay
and metal over real food?

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Co Edited with Markus Hofko

126 pages, 140mm x 190mm, perfect bound digest,
multicoloured Risograph print with colour inserts.

Andy Ellison, Zeger Reyers, Tom Giesler, Lyza Danger
Gardner, Arne Hendriks, Himaa, Driessens &
Verstappen, Daisy Ginsberg, Burton Nitta, Jae Rhim Lee,
Karsten Wegener, Theo Mercier, Klaus Pichler, Samuel
Beca, Katharina Unger, Henk Wildschut, Hadrien
Tranchant, Miriam Simun & Miriam Songster, Anetta
Mona Chisa & Lucia Tkacova, Tue Greenfort, Chris
Godfrey, Marlene Haring, Kader Attia, Sammy-Rose
Scapens, Paul Gerring, Elliot Collins, Saha Lone, Briar
Hale, Alex Mitcalfe Wilson, Federico Monsalve.